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Afternoon Angelique

How lovely to hear from you.

I have hundreds of photo’s of my boy.  This is us going to work in the morning.

He is with me everyday at the Hotel.  He swims for the guests and his photo’s have been sent to all parts of the world.

EVERYBODY loves him.  He has become the hotel mascot!!

I cannot tell you how much I love him.

We are always together.

I will send you a few more photo’s.

Thanks again for letting me have this amazing dog.

We Remain

with pleasure and entirely at your service.

Val Philippou

Hi Angelique,

I hope you are well.

Jemma just turned 1 on the 2nd of Feb. and she is an absolute star! We love her to bits! She has grasped the retrieving nicely and is generally very obedient and obeys basic commands. She is also swimming like a fish and retrieving dummies well from water. She also flew with us to DBN and enjoyed the beach thoroughly. We take her everywhere we go. An absolute lady! I feel I am at the point now where I need professional help to take her to the next level. I don’t think we will get into the serious field trial world but I am filling up my shooting calendar and would like her to be with me every step of the way. I shot a guinea fowl on my brothers farm last year and she was very interested in it… Please let me know what I should do next? Maybe she needs to come and live with you for a few weeks…



My little pup is growing so fast , I need another little one! Hehe. Oh and ps: at dog training last night they asked where Phyre was from & when I said she was from you they all knew you & said your dogs were excellent. Thumbs up!

Hi Angelique,
Our little man has had his first puppy training this morning..went very well. Trainer is very impressed with him and praised the breeder for producing such a fine dog. She herself is a breeder of German Shepherds and West coast terriers and  works hem well.
Kind regards,
Michèle Engelmann

Hello Angelique,

Congrats on your latest beautiful litter!
We are entering your website each week to look at the latest pictures & are all very broody for another pup but have said I think five dogs is rather a handful so will probably wait until Angus retires & surprise him with a little “bundle” to keep him busy during his well earned day’s of leisure.
Our older two labs – the sister’s will be 10yrs next month, both were born with hip dysplasia, thankfully for company’s like Hill’s & their excellent products both are doing well despite their problem & look forward to the early morning ball throwing on the tennis court & little stroll along the road each evening.
Bella is such a lovable dog & ever so patient with her very active young niece, Bibi!
Bibi is also a lovely dog but still in her puppy stage with lots of energy & most day’s are spent in & out of the pool!
We will be taking the two younger dog’s on holiday with us to our cottage on my brother’s farm in the Midlands – they so enjoyed their holiday down there last year especially the twice daily swims in the dam.
Alan has just completed his articles at Price Waterhouse & will be flying off to Miami in early January for a 3 month stint with PWC over there.
We will all miss him – especially his furry friends!
I sadly had to stop walking Bibi for a while – we went to the Masai Mara in August & on our way back to Nairobi hit a huge ditch – after being thrown around in the car I ended up with 2 fractured vertebra! Anyway at last starting to feel better so think our strolling can start again now.
I’m sad not to be writing to book a pup but hopefully with your next litter!
Do hope they all go to good loving homes – they are such special dog’s & deserve only the best!
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

With love to you both.
Angus, Jean, Alan & Craig.

Hi Angelique,
We bought Mufasa (red boy) from you last year. I am now trying to find him an older friend, and when I tell people of the traits I am looking for (how he behaves) I am told that I have an incredibly gentle dog.
My daughter is now 11 months, and they are the best of friends. She shares her dummy and food with him, and he is happy to open his mouth for her to put anything in and then take it out. He never grabs anything out of her hand or mouth, even though he is expected to know when he may take something from her (and he does seem to know!).
I cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to have such a kind and gentle dog as a member of the family. I knew he was special, but until I’ve tried to find another gentle soul like him I didn’t understand just how sweet and kind he is.
Thank you so much!
Pippa Harris

Dear Angelique,

Some news of our “sweety” Nell. She`s growing well and she feels comfortable in her new home.
She is a happy dog with happy owners.

Jennifer & Andreas

Hi Angelique.

Barley is such a pleasure and really has brought such joy to our lives.
I’ve attached some (possibly too many) photos to show you what a beautiful dog she’s growing into.
We take her to the beach at least twice a week and my husband has introduced her to the mountain behind our house. She loves the pool and the beach and could easily be mistaken for an albino seal.
Although she’s still a puppy, she is super gentle with our new baby giving her lots of gentle licks (almost willing her to grow into another play mate).

She started school last Sunday and I’m happy to report that she is a very clever girl (with a decent amount of mischief thrown in).
Thank you once again for letting us have her she has made our family complete .

Warm regards from Cape Town
Margaux, Quinton, Sophia and Barley

Hi Angelique,

I have to tell you, Mufasa is the sweetest, most gentle dog. We absolutely
adore him!
Thank you so much for allowing him to be a part of our family. We will
contact you in a year or so to get him a friend!

Kind regards,

Hi, We have a 1 year old male White Labrador, we named him SCRAPS. First – time Lab owners!! I must say have never had such an adorable dog.What a pleasure it must be to be able to breed these wonderful animals, Take care. kind regards 😀 😀 😀

Ag julle dis die mooiste honde wat ek nog gesien het en ek het lank terug een gehad so betroubaar. 🙂

“Hi you guys. We have 2 yellow labs at home
Joe and Zo – full of energy – that eternal puppyhood stage!!. And sure enough we have had our fair share of financial strain – replacing chewed-up furniture, remote controls%, shoes, door frames, toys, etc. We also have a poodle and miniature dachshund, and they all sleep in our bed. My husband and I first bought Joe for our daughter Maegan and absolutely fell in love with the breed and their soft nature and protective demeanour. But the empty-nest-syndrome has hit us once again, we miss having a pup in the house. Does your breed produce brown, chocolate labs because we are specifically interested in this colour. As another avid animal lover I can only praise you for the way you share your hobby and enabling so many others to experience the love and unforgettable entertaining moments these loyal companions offer. Regards Heidi 😮 :eek:”

“Dear Angelique and Francois
We hope you enjoy the pictures of Yellow. Sorry that it took us so long to send them to you. We would like to thank you for giving us such a wonderful dog – yellow enriches our life and we enjoy him a lot also the daily morning and evening walks do us good. We think that he likes us too. The two weeks holiday with him were fantastic. We all had a great time together and Yellow was so easy to travel with. He made quite a few holiday friends in Wilderness, Arniston, Yzerfontein and Paternoster. Our country is so beautiful. How are you doing? Please let us know when you plan your next litter. We are very keen to get a second dog from you – probably a female black labrador to have democracy in the family!! We value your work a lot. You did an excellent job with Yellow.
Kind regards Annette and Mauric”

Hallo Angelique. Dit gaan sommer nog baie biae goed met Rover en Christo en ek wou jou graag laat weet. As Christo huiswerk doen of orrel oefen is Rower so naby as moontlik aan hom. Die res van die dag volg hy my getrou en met storietyd in die aand raak hy op die mat voor Steven se bed aan die slaap. Later skuif hy na die mandjie in Christo se kamer en dis al amper te klein. Hy kom lek Wouter se voete in die middle van die nag om uit te gaan en doen sy ding en gaan slaap weer dadelik.Rover doen baie goed in die Elementary obedience klassie en hy hou selfs kop tussen my en Christo wat die leiband ruil tussen die twee van ons, Baie dankie dat jy vir ons so ‘n oulike hondjie grootgemaak en uitgesoek het, Ons geniet hom terdee, Annelize

Hi Angelique and Francois. I like to message your website portrays. Im a wildlife veterinarian and game ranch manager – an ex Zimbabwean. Bred trained and worked labs for many years in that once wonderful country. Had a wonderful pointing Lab for a long time – what a special dog she was both in the field and around the home. I’m moving to a new farm next month near Thabazimbi and I am on the lookout for a special companion with which to spend my working days and some sport over the weekends in that gamebird-rich area. I’m keen to know when you’ll be breeding again. I’d like a soft-natured bitch any colour. No hurry I’27m prepared to wait for the right puppy.
wonderful site. I am an ardent Lab lover. Currently have a 3 yr old black spayed bitch who is divine and a character-comedian of note. I love your policy of no breeding from your pups. 😉

“Hi Angelique

Compliments of the Season! Hope you and your family have a fantastic 2011! Abby is doing well. She has trippled in size since we first got her and she is just tooooo cute. We start school on 7 Feb and I am sure she is going to be an "A" Student! She has learnt how to "sit and stay" and we go for our walks every day. I can let her run home for the last 100m off leash which is awesome.
She’s learnt the hard way that Cat’s don™t always share her enthusiasm nor do they have a sense of humour, but thankfully we haven’t had any blood spilt.
My mom’s two dogs have helped with the potty training and general house rules and she just loves her uncle Jay-D (my mom’s boerboel). The saussage dog, Tennessee is still a bit on her "high horse" and Abby would have to earn her trust, but they get on well when we go and visit.
I have attached photo’s of her in the saussage dog’s doughnut – which is her favourite place in Granny’s house and a photo of her in her own bed. She is quickly outgrowing her bed though. Sleeping on her back is her favourite and I know that as soon as she has assumed that position, she is gone for the night!
I’ll keep you posted on her progress at school!
Warm regards

“Dear Angelique,
Strider is the most amazing dog – we are all madly in love with him. At last he has become obedient and comes when we call him instead of chasing madly after all the other dogs on the beach. He has the sweetest nature and is almost human in the way he interacts with people. Our only complaint is that when he sleeps he snores so loudly that he has to be at the other end of the house to all of us, and we have to close our doors or he keeps us awake! He also eats the most disgusting things he finds on the beach – dead rats, dead seals and red bait – and then he is not obedient. Nothing will get him to let go of what he is eating and if we try to take it away from him, he just runs away. He is very good looking and I get lots of complements about him. We all believe that he is the dog we were meant to have and the boys treat him like he is another brother.

Thank you for letting us have him,
Lots of love,

“Hi Angelique
I have just viewed the puppies of Shooter & Leila on your website and
must congratulate you on a beautiful litter.
There are many breeders out there and many many websites with puppies
for sale, but what I read on your website inspired me to find out a
little more about your dogs. I am impressed by the fact that you take
every precaution to be a responsible breeder and that you let your
puppies and their moms and dads just be dogs. I specifically love the
photo of the Lab with the game-bird in his mouth… that is exactly what
they are bred for and am glad that you rejoice and practice that.
Kind regards
Lise Loubser”

“Miss Jessie is lovely Angelique!
Got home all safe and sound yesterday well after 9.00 PM. What a trip – lovely potholes and some serious ear-splitting howling for an hour or so when in the tyre ‘jail’ but I then fed her as it was getting dark and she slept the rest of the way.
It is now getting light here in the bushveld – the francolin are all calling and Miss Jessie is out and about discovering all the new smells. Tail wagging like crazy as she smells where the francolin come to feed – I think
she has the idea. She has had a good feed and drink and just done the biggest poop I have seen for a puppy her size – so much so I may just change her name to Miss Poepie! Only joking! We are going to have lots of fun together and my wife Catherine is already totally in love with her.
It sure was a pleasure to meet you both and thank you for your efforts to get all the export paperwork sorted out. If you do not mind I’d like to keep in coms and updated with how Jessie enjoys the Kalahari.
Have a look at the website This is to be Jessie’s new home. I take over a GM there on Tuesday so in the end, the timing was perfect.
My best to you both.

“Hi Angelique
Here is a picture of our future web footed wonder!! She loves her new home and all the new sounds and smells. The hippo’s call really aroused her interest. She had a visit yesterday from our neighbors lab yesterday and was very excited to see some of her own kind.
We are working on the house training and basic commands. She has taken to her crate and is eating like a champion. I am up with her three times in the night to take her outside and we have loads of fun early in the morning when it is still cool.
I know you are interested in how she is and what she is up to, so we will try and
keep you updated.
All the best
PS Thanks a million for such a bundle of joy!”

“Hi Angelique
Hope this email finds you well and keeping warm. Savannah is just the most gorgeous content and beautiful natured, happy gentle lab.She loves everybody/everydog/everything that moves “ there is not an aggressive ounce in her body. She socialises well with other œsociable dogs when I take her to the park. All the stay and œon the spot commands she picks up so quickly at Puppy II where she meets up with Molly (her sibling).Savannah is really happy to see our maid,gardener,visitor“sometimes I wonder if I should not teach her to know the difference between a œstranger and a friend¦.
Hope to hear from you soon.I will forward you a pic or two recently taken “ she has beautiful markings too.
Best regards
Trish Bichener”

“Hi Angelique
Molly is really coming into her own now.She is loving James™ sprinkler system and hiding away in bushes,making herself comfortable on our chairs!!! She loves going for walks.Oh and can you believe this “ we are in puppy school at the moment and I saw this puppy and recognised her “ and it was none other than Purple Girl(Savannah) “ in the same class.The 2 of them I think recognised each other and had a ball.Very good at sitting, but the heel command is taking some work.She really is the apple of our eye!Could not imagine life without her “ my mum reckons I am totally besotted.I was away in Cape Town for 2 days the other day and you should have seen how happy she was to see me when I got home. She has gone from being quite an independent little girl to quite the mommy™s girl “ I love it! She is growing so much “ as you will see from the pic.She now weights 9.3kg!!!
Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Simone Arnold”

“Hi Angelique
Trust you are well.
I am so proud of my little girl, I had to share.
She has passed her 2nd Course in Puppy School and we start with the Advanced Class on Saturday. I am also enrolling her in œclicker training which is all very exciting. She goes to Puppy Day Care on a Tuesday and Thursday where she gets to play with all her friends the whole day ¦ this helps to drain some of the energy she seems to store for late at night. Furthermore, we still walk every morning and every evening and she has helped me lose at least 6kg™s since we got her. She is my little shadow and goes EVERYWHERE I go!
I™ve enclosed some pic™s for you to enjoy as well as her latest Certificate.
Give Leila a big hug from her¦ sorry about forgetting to send flowers for Mother™s day – teenagers!
Kind regards
Lise Loubser”

“Hi Angelique
We are just so blessed having Savannah in our lives. She is also the œhot favourite in the park with the other dogs on our regular walks.
She is amazing “ a few weeks back we took her with us for a long weekend to Dullstroom, stayed on a Trout farm. A pleasure in the car – snoozed all the way there¦¦¦.. and enjoyed her time dipping in the dams, playing with two labs who reside on the farm.
Interestingly she will only walk into water as long as she can feel the bottom!! This applies to rivers, dams and our pool;-)
Going into town was not a problem for her “ sitting and watching œeagerly as we had breakfast at one of the local restaurants.
I must say she is an extremely contented lab. I guess we have brought her up very balanced “ walks/park everyday, loads of affection, very much part of us, but do need to spend more time in the œtraining department! Have done Puppy I and Puppy II classes, but want to continue.
I will send you some more recent pics this week;-)
Take care

“Hi Angelique
All is going super well! We are pregnant “ 18 weeks now “ so really chuffed about that. So yip we are all over the place “ sorting out baby stuff “ we have sold our house and looking for a new one “ sorting out a new car for baby “ I tell you it is all go.
Molly is doing super well¦ and I told James the other day that I wonder if I will ever love the baby as much as I love her “ haha JJ she has become my baby and Jack has become his. She has done puppy 1 and puppy 2 and we are now in basic obedience. She is brilliant at commands but her heeling needs a lot of work “ but she is too precious. Her brother is in absolute love with her “ he is 2 months younger than her “ totally different personality and too adorable for words. I have attached photos. 2 action photos of Molly and then one of Molly, Jack (the red collar) and his brother (who James sister has).
Such happy dogs!!
Simone Arnold”