Eagertrieve ZA Kestrels Flight (KC) – Very good type. Well shaped head. Well balanced. Excellent size and condition. Very well muscled. A bit soft in coat, moves soundly and has a lovely temperament.

Knibbelkouer Jolige Shica FTCH (SHICA) – 11 years old. In splendid condition for her age. Lovely head. Nice teeth. Well done to the owner. Body in excellent condition. Correct coat. Moves like a much younger dog. Credit goes to the owner for keeping her old dog in such excellent condition.

Tapeatom Illustrious of Eagertrieve (MASON) – Strong, masculine dog. Lovely head and expression. Could have here a clearer CS spot (Ed: clarified as Scissors Bite). A bit upright in upper arm. Strong body in excellent condition with bone that matches his size. Good feet. Nice tail set and tail. Correct movement.